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How Amalgamated Mining Services Can Help You 

Amalgamated Mining Services Ltd. is your one-stop-shop for all your mining equipment parts and repair service needs. With the ability to create custom mining equipment parts for any job, Amalgamated Mining and Tunnelling Inc. has everything your business needs to take on any client project. From equipment parts to mine site supplies, browse through our vast inventory to locate the proper tools you’ll need for your next onsite task.

Our Experienced Staff

The qualified staff at Amalgamated Mining Services Ltd. has the combined experience of over 40 years in the mining industry, bringing knowledge and experience to your business. By providing our services, we seek to assist you and your business with any query you may have—whether you’re seeking custom made mining equipment parts or simply seeking to rent equipment for your next job, AMS has everything it all.

AMS Has It All

From equipment parts, drilling and tunneling consumables to industrial or even office supplies, AMS offers competitive pricing and quick turnarounds thanks to our warehouse in Edmonton, Alberta. Eliminate wasted time by utilizing a company that offers it all. AMS strives to deliver the highest quality services to our clients—your business—with the most comprehensive mining equipment parts and repair services available. This means you and your business can get back to what’s important—the job.

Contact us or visit the website for more information at You can also reach out via phone 780-701-1990

For more information regarding our mining equipment parts and repair services or to find out how we can help your business keep your mining and tunnelling equipment working at maximum capacity, reach out to our team!

AMS is also an authorized distributor in Western Canada for a wide range of vendors including PHQ pneumatic drills, Mitsubishi Rock Tools & drilling consumables, Minecat parts, and many more!