Mining Equipment Repair & Maintenance Services

Keep Your Mining Equipment Working at Maximum Capacity 

At Amalgamated Mining and Tunnelling, we offer superior mining equipment repair and maintenance services to help you start and finish your next project with ease. With our expertly trained technicians available to assist you with all your mining equipment repair needs, you’ll be able to tackle your next mining job with confidence.



orange mining equipment concrete mixerorange mining equipment vehicle concrete mixer

Sanvik LH517 mining material transport utility vehicleSandvik LH517 mining material transport utility vehicle

DUX TD15 mining and drilling support vehicleyellow support mining vehicle



Repair & Maintenance Services  

At AM&T, we understand that maintaining the quality of your mining equipment is essential to completing projects and work required tasks seamlessly. With our mining equipment repair and maintenance services, you are able to ensure the longevity of your equipment. When essential equipment becomes damaged or is inefficient due to wear from use, your business can expect to encounter detrimental obstacles such as delays—that can often set a job site back on time, unnecessary expenses, and even loss of potential business endeavors. With our mining equipment repair and maintenance services, AM&T can help businesses reduce such obstacles while increasing overall productivity and efficiency throughout.

Custom Services Available  

At our sister company, Amalgamated Mining Equipment Ltd., our team of experienced mining equipment maintenance technicians can recondition and re-manufacture equipment to meet each customer’s specific needs. Finding yourself in need of repairs or additions to your pre-existing mining and tunnelling equipment? We are here to help! With our custom mining equipment repair services, your business will be able to take on any project with ease and confidence.

Leasing or Renting Mining Equipment 

When you lease or rent mining equipment from AM&T, you can rest assured that, at your request, we will condition your machine to the highest standards and ensure it’s ready to rise to the challenges of any underground mining scenario. Check out some of our technicians’ past work down below! 

Contact us for more information regarding our mining equipment repair and maintenance services, and find out how we can help your business avoid unnecessary replacement expenses.