Amalgamated Mining Equipment Ltd. (AME) began as a rebuild/refurbish venture in 1990. A few years later, Amalgamated saw a niche in the market for a new idea. The company bought new equipment from Caterpillar and converted them into durable customized personnel carriers.

Amalgamated Mining & Tunnelling Inc. (AMI) was formed in 1999 as a new company, focusing on the sale and/or lease of new and used mining equipment. In 2007, building on its strong relationship with Caterpillar, AMI broadened its stock with the addition of a full line of new underground Caterpillar equipment.

In alliance with Finning CAT (Canada West) and Toromont CAT (Canada East), AMI continues to have new units available for end users and contractors on specific lease terms.

Also in 2007, AME expanded its parts division, resulting in a third new company, Amalgamated Mining Services (AMS).

Originally conceived as a single company focused on rebuilding/refurbishing underground equipment, AME evolved into three distinctive corporations based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


Amalgamated Mining Group (AMI, AME, AMS) wish to pass on our congratulations to the team at TMAC Resources for their dedicated efforts in completing its first gold pour at their Hope Bay property located in Nunavut, Canada.

As a major partner in this achievement, we take pride in having been closely involved over the last 3 years and look forward to being part of TMAC’s future successes.

From providing various loaders, excavators, jumbos, and graders to developing and manufacturing site specific equipment for specialized utilization, we are very proud of being able to support TMAC achieve their goals.

We are a full service company providing over 26 years expertise in sourcing underground equipment, creating and developing site specific units and shipping the equipment anywhere you need it.  We also maintain an on-site equipment repair and maintenance force that services our customers and if there’s anything you specifically require, we are able to incorporate those requirements into the machine you need.